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Appliance Lift for Kitchenaid Stand Mixer

The Client wanted to incorporate an aftermarket appliance lift, to facilitate using a Kitchenaid stand mixer.

The solution barely fit in the 12” wide cabinet, since the stand mixer is nearly 10 inches wide, and the lift encroaches into the cabinet approximately an inch on each side to allow room for the arms, hinges, springs, latches. etc.

The cabinet had to be modified. The original drawer was removed to allow vertical room for the lift. The hardware was used on a custom roll out tray, located on the bottom of the cabinet. The effective width of the cabinet was widened by removing stock from either side of the face frame.

With the face frame opening enlarged, the original cabinet door had to be widened, and a new, wider, faux drawer front was fabricated. The new drawer front and modified door were tied together with a thin “style” to complete the new door, which looks like the original door and drawer front, New, low profile, European style hinges were needed, and placed in different locations than the original hinges.

No one notices the modified door, and doesn’t catch on that there is something special hiding in the end cabinet until the door is opened.