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Beautiful Old Fashioned Hard Wood Floor

Nothing is more bullet proof for the value, style, and longevity of a house than a hard wood floor. And among hard wood floors, the old fashioned, nail in place, sand, and finish floors are still the best.

A new 3-1/2 inch wide oak wood floor was nailed in place. After sanding, the floor was finished with three coats of oil based polyurethane which gives an instant, warm character.

The floor is a wider plank (3-1/2” vs the more common 2-1/2”) white oak, which is very hard. This particular product had a fair degree of color variations, giving a less formal appearance.

The bottom picture is of a 40 foot view across the entire unit which shows a perfectly straight line along the wood planks. The floor was laid with the importance of this view in mind.

The baseboards were removed for the floor installation and were re-installed on top of the new floor, giving a cleaner finished look.

This floor will outlast us all.