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New Kitchen Floor

See the Before and After!

The kitchen was spruced up with a new ceramic tile floor, entry door, and trim (baseboards, door and window).

The original floor in this Victorian galley kitchen was a sheet vinyl over a luan underlayment.

The baseboards (along with the rest of the trim in the kitchen) was removed and a cement based underlayment installed. The decision was made to lay the tile on the bias (45 degrees from the room edges) to add visual appeal.

The three most important aspects to laying a floor like this is planning, planning and planning, and laying tile on the diagonal adds complications. Once the opposite wall was determined to be straight enough, then the major tile corner was put along that line. The layout was also adjusted from doorway to doorway to be sure that no small tile corners would be needed on either end.

A new exterior door was installed (at the far end of the picture). New, duplicate of original trim was installed for the baseboard and around the doorways and window. A new coat of white paint brightened the room.

When the trim was removed from the doorway on the camera side of the room, the opening was discovered to be much wider than the original doorway. The doorway was widened approximately four inches. A longer, duplicate of original top trim piece stained and finished to match the left and right side trim pieces. The inside trim was all duplicate of original and painted white.